Drones & Action Cameras

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Buying Drones & Action Cameras

Photography lighting plays a crucial role in capturing stunning images and videos, especially in low-light conditions during night shoots, indoors, or in areas with limited natural light. At Pcstore.pk, we understand the significance of proper illumination, offering a range of lighting solutions to enhance the quality and creativity of your visual projects.

Camera Drones
Explore limitless possibilities with camera drones at Pcstore.pk. Beyond capturing outdoor adventures, these cutting-edge devices play pivotal roles in professional filmmaking, real estate, business marketing, search and rescue operations, inspections, security, land surveying, and various other industries. Our intermediate models, priced in the Rs.100,000 – Rs.1,500,000 range, boast exceptional cameras, superior wind stability, and automatic flight modes like Return Home and Hold Altitude, ensuring seamless flying experiences. Referred to as “prosumer” drones, they effortlessly cater to both professional and personal needs.

For professionals in cinematography, our advanced drones, priced above Rs.1,000,000 deliver unmatched speeds, acceleration, stability, and image processing capabilities. Many support CinemaDNG and ProRes recording, providing top-notch performance. Similar to intermediate drones, advanced models are often ready-to-fly out of the box and feature intuitive flight modes.

Action Cameras:
Action cameras are your perfect companion for capturing thrilling adventures firsthand, whether you’re racing down a bike path, scuba diving, skydiving, or engaging in various high-octane activities. While GoPro is a widely recognized brand, there are other top-quality options to explore. Essential accessories like action camera mounts and housings ensure your camera stays securely in place, even during high-speed or underwater exploits.

Uses for Action Cameras:
Record your sports activities with ease by attaching action cameras to helmets for skiing or skateboarding, mounting them on bicycles, or capturing the excitement of skydiving. Some enthusiasts even mount action cameras on drones and aerial imaging devices without built-in cameras for stunning aerial footage. For a unique perspective, track your pets’ activities by attaching cameras to their backs.

Action Camera Mounts:
Various specialized mounts cater to specific applications, including suction cup mounts for windshields, adhesive and helmet mounts for secure attachment, on-body mounts for chest-strapping, and surfboard mounts with tethers for water adventures. Handgrips provide direct camera control, with buoyant designs for water retrieval. Mounting allows for hands-free recording, ideal for creating VR and 360-degree videos.

Other Action Camera Accessories:
In extreme environments, additional accessories safeguard action cameras from water, drops, and impacts. Durable cages protect against impact during activities like rock climbing or mountain biking. Waterproof housings are crucial for underwater experiences, with special filters enhancing underwater recordings. Lens protectors prevent scratches while maintaining a clear view. Attach microphones for superior audio quality, and use extension arms and cables for distance shots. Travel and storage cases with protective foam cushioning ensure complete protection for your action camera gear. Elevate your recording experience with these essential accessories, ready for all your adventures.